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Mounttouch group OF company !


Mounttouch Group of companies is a diversified, multi-geography conglomerate.

Mounttouch Group of companies is a diversified, multi-geography conglomerate. The group, which was established in 20 July 2011, has business interests that spread across a wide spectrum of verticals,
From foods and beverages to construction and real estate; media to education; green energy to agro-industrial solutions, the diverse businesses that constitute  Mounttouch Group all share the same core attributes that have defined the company's brand since its inception: excellence in product and service, designed to deliver customer delight, today and in the future.

Mounttouch Sales India Ltd. was launched in 3 march 2014 with the primary objective of exploring technological and agricultural advances to satisfy the demand for diverse products in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industries.


From vast farms and orchards dedicated to organic agricultural produce to eco-sustaining products like Fmcg, clot and, goat farming the company areas of business interests span the gamut of the industry.
In line with the vision and philosophy of the mother company Mounttouch,

Mounttouch Group, commitment to society in general is evident from the company’s drive to create employment opportunities whilst catering to the expectations of customers across various income segments.


“To successfully face any challenge with integrity, exhibit consistent growth and to emerge as the most admired FMCG company in the country.”


“To explore and utilize various opportunities in diverse segments of the FMCG industry in order to satisfy the growing needs of our society.”

Core Values

  • Consistent quality delivery
  • Continuous value addition
  • Technology driven
  • Meeting customer's expectation
  • Environment friendly
  • Community-centric
  • Demand creative


latest news

FEB 28,2014

Goat Farming.
Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs & trees



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