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 Goat Farming

Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs & trees, in adverse harsh environment, in low fertility lands where no other crop can be grown. High demand for goat and its products with potential of good economic returns have been deriving many progressive farmers, businessmen, and educated youths to take up the goat enterprise on a commercial scale.
Mounttouch has two incentive schemes with respect to goat farming viz. 100 and 500 breeding goat farms.
We have completed plan documents for 2 units of 500 breeding goat farm each on commercial scale; with one unit being in operation and second under bank appraisal. For startup entrepreneurs, with an objective to gain experience before expanding, we suggest planning for 100 breeding goat farms. Aspiring & educated youths in rural areas may start with 100 breeding goat farm unit; and after 2-3 years of successful experience may expand.

Prospective entrepreneurs can avail our services for:-

1. Support for purchase of good breed animals. Here we don’t indulge in-between the purchase of animals, rather we suggest appropriate breed depending upon the geographical location of project and its reliable source. Here knowledge-able persons on behalf of your farm will inspect and purchase the desired breeding goats along with males. Our responsibility is to take you to the reliable market & reliable suppliers. Purchase price of breeding goats are increasing at very high rate, here certainly we would like to share our knowledge from where you can procure at reasonable price.
Operation Manual 1: Starting Dairy Goat Business : Introduction, Personal Assessment, Goal Setting, Researching the Industry & Determining Feasibility, Identifying your Support Team, Keeping a Healthy Herd, Assessing Farm Land, Determining Labor Needs, Practical Facilities, Financing your Farm, Writing a Business Plan, Culls Kids & Breeding Stock, Producing high quality Goat Milk, Marketing of Milk, Working with your Processor, Exit Strategies.

Operation Manual 2: Goat Farming as a Business: Introduction, Entrepreneurship, Breeds, Management of Does & Bucks, Breeding, Kids Management, Husbandry Practices, Goat Nutrition, Crop-Livestock Production System, Health, Goat Business Management, Record Keeping, References.

Operation Manual 3: Dairy Goat Manual : Industry (History & Prospects, Market), Farms (Annual Farms Checklist), Breeding (Breed & Herd Selection, Mating Management, Kids Rearing, Herd Improvement), Feeding (Nutritional Needs, Grazing Management, Housed Systems, Weight & Condition Scores), Health (Foot Problems, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus, Hypocalcaemia Milk Fever, Pregnancy Toxaemia Sleepy Sickness, Johnes Disease, Mastitis Control & SCC, Mastitis Control Program, Worm Control, Caseous Lymphadenitis Cheesy Gland), Milking (Milking Premises Requirements, Milking Shed Design, Milking Machines, Milking Management, Cleaning & Sanitizing Equipments).

 To summarize. Market for goat meat is already established. Real concern is to prevent the loss by disease outbreaks and to maintain healthy herd till disposal. If you go through the guidelines of Mounttouch, you will find that they have not budgeted fresh construction of shed; they have written the term ‘renovation of existing shed’. However Mounttouch allows fresh construction of shed and which is reflected in our project report. Proposed layout plan for shed is free stall system. Here we have explained the schedule in very clear manner with emphasis over heat proof roofing, good ventilation & flooring. Cost estimate is also explained very clearly. Equipment plan is as per guidelines of Mounttouch. We have also emphasized & budgeted for proper tagging and maintaining records of herds. Feed & medical schedule are planned with utmost care. Finally project report is bankable, that too adheres the guidelines of Mounttouch. Entrepreneurs could kick start the process of establishing commercial goat farm very soon upon completion of plan documents.

Prospective entrepreneurs may contact us with complete location detail. We solicit serious query. Persons with capacity to invest margin money and to arrange desired collateral securities need only write to us to proceed ahead. It would be convenient for us to plan ahead, if you inform your plot size.

We seriously request the enthusiasts, who do not have proper land holding, or do not have margin money & do not have collateral securities, to please excuse us.
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FEB 28,2014

Goat Farming.
Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and has huge domestic demand. Goats can efficiently survive on available shrubs & trees



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